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I Have Cool Friends

Jul 4, 2018

Alison Arnold, also known as “Doc Ali” in the gymnastics world, has a more than interesting resume. She has a PhD in Psychology, is a former gymnast, and has been on trips to a monastery in Nepal, Peru, and Thailand, as well as in the jungle of the Amazon with a shaman. She has also been a mental toughness coach for USA Gymnastics since 1997. Doc Ali has worked with Olympic medalists, NCAA champions, and thousands of athletes to help achieve their dreams for the past 25 years. Using all she has learned from her life experiences, she works to help people toughen their minds and fight their fears to achieve ultimate success.

In this episode, we discuss how all gymnasts, even the elites, have fears and how you can train yourself to overcome your own personal fears. Doc Ali states some people are “fire” gymnasts and some people are “water” gymnasts—some people like pressure, some people like performing, or some people like competing; no one is exactly the same. We establish that there is no one specific way to do things; you need to figure out whatever works best for you and use it as a tool to help get better. However, having gratitude for fears and struggles makes you a stronger gymnast, once you appreciate what you have and what you’ve been through. In addition, Doc Ali speaks of her experience sitting in silence for two weeks in a monastery in Thailand.

Full show notes: