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I Have Cool Friends

Jul 11, 2018

Nicole Jontony was a former elite collegiate gymnast at Ohio State, has helped her team make it to the NCAA championships during her senior year, and is currently a sports dietitian at The Ohio State University. Recently, Nicole was selected as the 2018 Young Dietitian of the Year by the Ohio Academy of Nutrition Dietetics. She graduated from Ohio State in 2013 with a degree in Medical Dietetics and has dedicated herself to helping athletes develop healthier eating habits and learn more about sports nutrition ever since. Alongside her husband, Nicole runs a sports performance practice that specializes in sports counseling and sports nutrition.

In this episode, Nicole emphasizes that there's no such thing as a good food or a bad food, rather, people should be looking at food as fuel. She works to de-stigmatize food in order to help develop healthy habits for athletes. She mentions gymnasts should be having protein as a filling food to prevent binging or cravings and how increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet to get more vitamins and minerals can help you heal from an injury. Nicole lists several healthy eating tips such as fueling your energy using carbohydrates, using your hands to give yourself the right portion sizes, and enjoying food that makes you feel full!

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