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I Have Cool Friends

Jul 18, 2018

Laurie Hernandez is a 2016 Olympic gold medalist who has also won an Olympic silver medal on beam, won season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, was featured on an episode of Stuck in the Middle, and is only 18 years old. At 16, Laurie became the youngest winner of Dancing with the Stars. She has also made appearances on Sesame Street, Celebrity Family Feud, and will be co-hosting American Ninja Warrior Junior. In addition, Laurie is a New York Times Best-Selling Author of her book, I Got This: To Gold and Beyond. After competing in the Olympics, Laurie made the decision to become a professional athlete.

In this episode, Laurie speaks about identity, finding who you are as a person, and allowing yourself to feel different emotions as a human being. She notes that it’s okay to not always have to keep a bubbly facade and it’s important to embrace your true feelings. Laurie explains how she overcame her injuries, came back stronger, and even details why she almost quit the Olympics five months prior to the competition due to an injury. To Laurie, the most important key to overcome mental blocks is communication and communication is a factor Laurie looks for in all aspects of life.

Full show notes: