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I Have Cool Friends

Jul 25, 2018

Brandon Wynn is an artistic gymnast from New Jersey. He is a member of the US World and National Team and competed in gymnastics for The Ohio State University. At the 2013 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Brandon won a Bronze medal on Still Rings and is one of the two men in US history to win an individual medal in Still Rings. He even got to be on the cover of one of the world’s largest fitness magazines, Muscle and Fitness. Currently, Brandon mentors other gymnasts and athletes on how to create and maintain a healthy diet to attain physical and professional success.     

In this episode, as the first male guest on the show, Brandon speaks about the differences in what male and female gymnasts need for conditioning. He also speaks about accomplishing your goals by attaching those goals to your everyday actions and giving yourself a purpose to manifest motivation. He stresses the importance of setting non-negotiables to help transform yourself into the best you can be because you are a product of what you're trying to do.  Brandon discusses finding the perfect balance of muscle for athletes, how he sets his morning routine by making appointments with himself, and even offers healthy dietary advice by using food and nutrition as an asset to help you get in shape. 

Full show notes: