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I Have Cool Friends

Jun 27, 2018

Madison Kocian’s reputation precedes her—her numerous accolades are just a representation of her hard-working, determined, and accomplished self. Some of her awards include winning the team gold medal with the “Final Five” and the uneven bars silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games, becoming the 2015 world champion on bars, and being a member of the UCLA gymnastics team. Towards the end of the season, Madison came back from shoulder surgery and was still able to help her team win the NCAA championship title this year.

In this episode, Madison speaks about her gymnastics career both in the elite world and in the college world, where she competes for UCLA. She speaks about her experience training for the Olympics and how she learned to overcome her injuries and what she did to become a better gymnast, physically and mentally. Aside from gymnastics, Madison mentions how she is able to live, or at least tries to live, a normal life. In addition, Madison shares some advice for listeners on how to succeed as gymnasts as she looks back on her elite career.  

Full show notes: