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I Have Cool Friends

Sep 12, 2018

Sam welcomes to the podcast former Olympic teammate and close friend, Alicia Sacramone Quinn. Alicia is a former American gymnast who is also the second-most decorated American gymnast in World Championship history, netting ten medals during her illustrious career. Since retiring from gymnastics, Alicia has gone on to start a family and welcomed her second daughter in July 2018. Alicia also collaborated with Sam to launch The Gympire, a fitness company with the mission of encouraging, motivating, and inspiring people to live a happy and healthy life.

In this episode, Sam and Alicia recall their memories from the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympic games. They discuss the peaks and valleys they encountered along the way to becoming Olympic medalists, including injuries and other roadblocks. Alicia and Sam reminisce over Sam’s infamous journal, as they look back on their friendship. Finally, Alicia discusses the current culture of gymnastics and what can be done to change the negative stigma the sport has been labeled with in recent years

Full show notes: