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I Have Cool Friends

Apr 25, 2019

Sam welcomes to the podcast decorated Olympic gymnast and former member of the University of Minnesota men’s gymnastics team, John Roethlisberger. In addition to being a three-time Olympian, John is a four-time U.S, National all-around champion and a four-time U.S. National pommel horse champion. He also won back-to-back American Cup titles in 2995 and 1996 and was named Sportsperson of the Year six times throughout his illustrious career. In this episode, Sam and John break down the performances of the Four on the Floor: Denver, UCLA, LSU and Oklahoma. They share their thoughts on scoring, individual champions, and the first year of the new postseason format. Finally, Sam and John discuss the retirements of two gymnastics legends, UCLA Head Coach Miss Val and Utah Head Coach Megan Marsden.

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